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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is an edible fat that comes from the meat and milk of the coconut palm fruit. It is a solid white fat at temperatures less than 78 degrees and becomes a clear liquid oil when melted. Unrefined varieties of coconut oil have a distinct coconut aroma which is very pleasant and an added bonus if you love coconut like me!

I include Coconut Oil in most all of my skin care products because it is very gentle and can be used on any skin type, including sensitive skin. Similar to Cocoa Butter, it is moisturizing and can help add hydration to dry, damaged skin.

Some Benefits of Coconut Oil in Skin Care:

  • Help moisturize dry skin, including skin conditions such as eczema.

  • Reduces inflammation resulting from UVB rays ( Study 2017

  • promotes wound healing

  • antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties

Coconut oil is a great base ingredient for cold-process soap. Soaps including a larger percentage of coconut oil tend to be firmer and more soluble in water allowing for more lather and a long-lasting soap.

*** A note regarding product medical claims and the FDA - The information provided in my blogs is to share info I have gained from both personal experience and research. In order to remain compliant with the FDA, I do not state medical properties regarding my products. Please use the information shared in these blogs to determine which products are best suited for your personal use.

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